YSL Alexander McQueen Pouch 4折起

YSLpouchprettyjetso1買YSL, McQueen 袋都成萬蚊就好貴好心痛,但買pouch就抵好多!可以輕輕便便帶少d野出街、lunch time去食個飯時唔洗帶住成個袋周圍走!

YSL Saint Lauren Red Pouch (HK$3280): http://goo.gl/mdmfi1

Alexander McQueen Red Print Pouch (HK$800): http://goo.gl/sv7kk6

Alexander McQueen Blue Print Pouch(HK$1000): http://goo.gl/kJTG4N

其他減梗價既袋都值得睇睇: https://goo.gl/2t8IDc

Shipping: 直送香港,免運費(US500)




AlexanderMcQueenprettyjetso1 AlexanderMcQueenprettyjetso2


*匯率: US1 = HK$7.8

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